Chuck Taylor

App Developer

There's Waldo (AR)

Tools: Swift, iOS SDK, ARKit, SceneKit

Augmented reality application for the popular Where's Waldo (Wally) books.

Using Apple's ARKit and camera data, There's Waldo locates that elusive Waldo character we all love, as well as his friends and additional missing items. Once found, a 3D marker is added into the virtual 'scene' to show the user his whereabouts. Image tracking is utilized to continually update the 3D marker(s) should the book or pages be moved.


  • Augmented Reality via Apple's ARKit
  • Image identification
  • Live image tracking
  • Custom animated 3D pointer designed with Blender

Calmer Canine

Tools: Android SDK (Kotlin, SQLite), Web (React, Javascript), Backend (PHP, MySQL, Javascript)

Application for assisting dog owners whose pets may be suffering from separation anxiety. Complete fullstack application for both the web and Android devices. Application backend stores quiz submission data and organizes key data points in admin dashboard for analysis. Generated report is emailed to the user in PDF format and is available for immediate review upon completion. Generated reports take affiliate accounts into consideration and will generate links to content along with affiliate data for compensation.

Android application saves submissions locally for offline use and uploads data when network connection is available. Admin section allows for review and management of submissions locally on the device.


  • Used by over 15,600 users (June 17, 2020)
  • Backend database design
  • Automated email handling
  • Automated PDF report generation
  • Affiliate program integration
  • Administration dashboard
  • Fully responsive

Pandemic Rapid Response

Tools: Flutter, Dart, Flare

Companion app for Z-MAN Games' Pandemic Rapid Response board game. Manages the timer, timer tokens, city cards in play, and city cards in deck. While also supplying an ambient soundtrack, audible alerts are provided as each timer runs out so that players can focus on the real-time gameplay without having to continuosly keep watch of the silent sand timer provided in the game box.

UI buttons are drawn in code using Flutter's Custom Painter class so that all elements look sharp at any resolution. Vector based animations were created with Rive (formerly Flare).


  • Localization (English and French)
  • Layouts for portrait and landscape modes
  • Automated unit testing
  • Shared Preferences for data persistence
  • Vector animations
  • Custom Painter classes for ui elements

Meditation Timer UI

Tools: Swift, iOS SDK

Clone based on the Ensō Meditation App.

Coded from scratch in Swift, and making use of Apple's Core Graphics (Quartz2D) framework. UI adapts to any screen size, and looks sharp at any device resolution.

Custom Gesture Recognizer logic converts x,y coordinates into rotational value, while also creating stop points at min and max values.


  • Sharp, code-based vector graphics
  • Custom gesture recognizer
  • Data binding and state management

KWJS Flutter Demo

Tools: Flutter, Dart

Demonstrative app created for the benefit of the KWJS Meetup Group in order to highlight the differeneces between the React Native framework and Flutter.


  • Automated unit testing
  • Integrates with API for retrieving current events
  • Dynamically creates scrolling list
  • Dynamic screens with event details
  • Navigation